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IOS Development Week 24 News


Sorting Objects in Swift with Multiple Criteria 
Demystify SwiftUI 

WWDC 21 Apple – SwiftUI 3 

The importance of cooperative cancellation 

How to control safe area insets in SwiftUI 

Drag and Drop Tutorial for SwiftUI 

Use the Magic of SwiftUI’s Environment to Make Your SwiftUI Views Configurable 

Different ways to check if a string contains another string in Swift 

Default Value from Dictionary in Swift 

Swift AsyncSequence Performance Experimentation 

Understanding DispatchGroups in Swift Language 

How to Make Video Calls with SwiftUI 

Alignment Guides in SwiftUI 

How to add automated tests to an existing iOS/Swift codebase? 

How to better structure your Xcode projects 

Core Data and App extensions: Sharing a single database 

Stack Overflow Week 

Schedule local notification every n days (timezone safe) 

Getting notified when the screen brightness changes in macOS  

Apple news 

iOS 15: All the New iCloud Features and Improvements 

How to set up the new notification summary feature in iOS 15 

WWDC21 Lounges 


How Hackers Used Slack to Break into EA Games (and $10) 

Google Workspace Productivity Tools Are Now Free for Everyone 

Writing a Business Growth Plan 

How to Be a Stoic 

Spotify’s Clubhouse Competitor ‘Greenroom’ Launched 

The Age of Infinite Leverage 

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