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iOS Development Week 32 News

iOS Development Week 32 News 

In this week we speak about iOS concurrency and multithreading, discussing Apple child protection, and interesting information of complexity  



Getting Started with Swift Concurrency 

@MainActor and Global Actors in Swift 

What’s new in Xcode 13 beta 5 

Chain of Responsibility Pattern in Swift 

Google Swift Style Guide 

Different ways to catch throwing errors from Swift do-catch 


Bruno Rocha: Preparing for Growth: Architecting Giant Apps for Scalability and Build Speed 

SwiftUI Preview Tips & Tricks 

SwiftUI – Context Menu – Power User Shortcuts 

App Ideas for Your iOS Developer Portfolio 

Stack Overflow Week 

Apple news 

Exclusive: Apple’s child protection features spark concern within its own ranks -sources 

GitHub Projects to look 

PlayCover –  Run iOS apps & games on M1 Mac 


Mea culpa: How developers fix their own simple bugs differently from other developers 

The Strong Law of Small Numbers 

The complexity unlearning curve 

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